Support your local 11 plus community.

We provide key educational services to children in Key Stage 2 by providing affordable tutors which will teach them key 11 plus skills.

We are a local organisation made up of teachers from primary all the way to secondary school with years of experience. Our sole aim is to support primary students of all levels in having the option and ability to enter and pass the grammar school exams.

We have a range of 11 plus options that we provide, from grammar tuition classes, to mock exams, past papers as well as one and one tuition. We do all of this as part of our community work with the local areas in order to help those in need of education to have it available to them first hand.

The community service is a brilliant get together initiative bringing teachers parents and students together in all scenarios to discuss their grammar school experiences, how they tackle the English grammar or Maths grammar tests as well as understanding how to best support their child moving forward!

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Jessica Brien

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West Midlands




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Grammar Tuition hours taught for free last year

Why take part in this 11 Plus Forum?

The education of each and every child is important, especially the most disadvantaged and this can happen in many ways. We, as teachers who have grown to see this 100% recognise the need for an 11 plus forum. To help the most talented, yet disadvantaged to get the grammar school education they need and deserve to progress further in life.

This 11 plus forum is here, across the UK, to open up conversation, to share our struggles with 11 plus past exams, papers, tutors and more, and to provide the relevant resources and tuition to those who need it.

Are you a grammar teacher?

We are looking for grammar school teachers to take part in this initiative because you, at of most, know the requirements. Yes we have access to 11 plus tutors up and down the country, but you will bring a breath of fresh air when it comes to realising the grammar school system, how the educational system works, and what students need to do in order to get in.

We see talented students all the time, you can be the responding voice in showing that they do belong and that education is a place for them.

From understanding english vocabulary, to mental maths, 3d spaces and much more, what you teach can equip those who need it with tools to succeed.

What we are doing…

As part of this initiative we aim to fully stock and provide the following:

  • English Grammar Tuition
  • Maths Grammar Tuition
  • Verbal and Non verbal Reasoning Grammar Tuition
  • Support on 11 plus exam day
  • 11 Plus Forum
  • Free tuition lessons per parent / child
  • Equipment e.g. pens, papers, calculators
  • Contact time
  • Concern and mental health support
  • Career progression and mapping

“To educate a human, is to breathe opportunity into their lives”

Juleitt Foster

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